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We use biology to create healthy sustainable gardens.

Why “Biology”?

Simply put we literally get to the root of the matter. Good soil biology is critical to a healthy sustainable landscape. Much like our immune systems depend on good bacteria, plants depend on beneficial bacteria. Plants grown in healthy soils with good biology are more drought and pest tolerant and better utilize available nutrients. Therefore, fewer pesticides and less supplemental watering and fertilizing are needed. That’s good for plants, the environment, and the budget.

Over fertilization and heavy pesticide use are all too common. Both suppress beneficial bacteria making landscapes more dependent on these unhealthy practices. Our integrated approach to landscape management encourages good soil biology and works with nature.

Environmentally speaking our approach to design is to create gardens that are not only beautiful but also serve an important environmental function by providing habitat for pollinators, butterflies, birds and other creatures. Many American gardens are filled with invasive and non-native plants that offer very little benefit to our native fauna. With our extensive knowledge of native and adaptive plants we create bio-diverse gardens that are full of life.

That’s the Biology difference.


Meet David

David Davis, CGM
David Davis, CGMOwner/Designer

“I’m passionate about my work and feel really blessed to be doing what I love.”

Community Outreach

The Odd Fellows Cemetery, Winston-Salem, NC

As long as I can remember I’ve been gardening. My parents and grandparents were avid gardeners so I guess it’s in my blood. Plants have always been interesting and beautiful to me. Whether on a Boy Scout excursion, fishing trip or simply roaming the creek bank of my grandfathers Surry County farm on Sunday afternoon, I noticed plants. I recall seeing Crested Iris growing along Grandpa’s creek, Trout Lily and tiny Bluets along Fisher River and lying in the lush Creeping Red Fescue under our old Cedar Tree.

Another interest or God given talent was art. I was drawing very early and sold my first drawing at the ripe old age of six to our neighbor Dr. Joe Folger. He still had that drawing when he passed. My interests in school were art and sports. But art school just didn’t seem like the right fit for me.

These gifts and interests led me to North Carolina State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Horticulture. I was privileged to have studied under the great plantsman, the late Dr. JC Raulston. My canvas now is the landscape.

I have owned and operated a small landscaping business since 1986. For 25 years of that time I had a successful career managing Landscaping Services at Wake Forest University. One of my more noteworthy designs from that time is the landscape at the Deacon Tower.

In 2016 Biology Garden Design & Landscaping was formed. After 25 years of management I’m happy to be in a smaller setting where I’m more hands on focusing on quality and customer service. I was recently asked and interesting question by another local landscape designer: “Do you have a signature look?” I found that question unusual. My designs are as diverse as the people and places they are created for.

Some of my gardening influences are Frank Lloyd Wright, Douglass Tallamy and of course my parents. Hopefully you’ll consider us for your next project.

David Davis, Owner/Designer
Certified Grounds Manager (CGM) through the Professional Grounds Management Society (PGMS)

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